About Me

Wearing a Red t-shirt made in the USA
Me! Wearing a Red t-shirt made in the USA

They used to offer a penny for your thoughts, but a penny’s not worth the copper it’s printed on these days.  So, in lieu of a penny, I’ll trade you a latte.

I believe thoughts shared over lattes are the best sort of thoughts because they come out of the kind of cozy, inspired state that only a latte can inspire.  I met my husband over a latte, so that just proves my point.

My name is Glenys Salas.  This blog is a space for me to share the things that light me up, the tips and tricks I’ve discovered for navigating life as a twenty-something in the zany world of the greater New York City Metro Area, and the adventures on which I embark husband.  One week it might be your go-to guide for touring the city of San Juan in Puerto Rico, the next week it might be an essay where I put it all out there on a topic that is breaking my heart.  I care about great experiences, close friendships, lifting up the down-trodden, and caring for our planet.  If those things light you up as well, I hope you’ll steam up a fresh, hot drink (or cash in your 401k for the Starbucks equivalent) and settle in with me for a cozy chat.

While you’re here, I hope you’ll take the time to send your thoughts my way.  Partake in the discussion or drop me a line to recommend an innovative new product or brand to review.  I’ll trade you a latte.


Header photo credit: Rosetta Latte via photopin (license)


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