I Actually Called My Elected Officials (like, on the phone). Here’s What Happened.

I got on the phone and called my legislators! Photo credit Pixabay.com, skeeze
I got on the phone and called my legislators! Photo credit Pixabay.com, skeeze

Senator Cory Booker’s office: I started off expressing my concern about the way Booker voted against Bernie Sanders’ amendment to import affordable drugs from Canada.   The woman on the other line tried to defend the vote (something about a budget amendment) then transferred me to someone with a little more knowledge.  Apparently Booker wrote another law that allows for drugs to be imported from Canada (with regulations!), but the bill has to wind its way through committee.  The man I was talking to did not mention when (if ever) it would reach the floor.

The office was also proud to admit Booker’s endorsement of Philip Murphy (D candidate in NJ Primary for governor) until I mentioned Murphy’s record on cutting pensions, deregulating teacher’s certifications, and the fact that he headed the Investment Management Division of Goldman Sachs that sold their own clients those shoddy subprime mortgage securities.  I was told the office couldn’t answer questions on Booker’s endorsements and for that I would have to call his campaign office.

Ready, Set, Participate!! Call Cory Booker and tell him your concerns! (973) 639-8700

Senator Bob Menendez’s office: I got a little smarter this time.  I started with a softball question on whether Menendez would confirm Steven Mnuchin (for the record, Menendez is voting “no” and I applaud him for it).  

Lulled into a false sense of security,  the man I was speaking to happily admitted that Menendez had endorsed Philip Murphy for Governor. When I brought up Murphy’s record on pensions, teachers, and banking, the tone changed rapidly.  I was told that endorsements are a “personal” issue not a “political issue” and that it was outside the office’s range of responsibility to defend Menendez’s endorsments in a non-election year.  When I pointed out that we live in a political climate where state politics are vital and that we need federal politicians to stand up for progressive politicians at the state level, Menendez’s assistant got very defensive and said he would “mention” my concerns to Menendez.

Finally, I asked what steps Menendez was taking replace Bernie Sanders’ bill to import drugs from Canada (which Menendez also voted against).  At this point, the guy just wanted me off the phone so he told me that he would “pass along the message.”

Ready, Set, Participate!!  Call Bob Menendez and tell him your concerns!  856.757.5353

Representative Albio Sires’ office:  The only issue I was calling about was to confirm if Sires had endorsed Philip Murphy.  The first office I called refused to respond and said that I had to call the political office (201-309-0301).  When I called the second office, they confirmed that Philip Murphy had indeed been endorsed by Sires.  When I expressed my concerns (listed above) about Murphy’s record, the woman said something to the effect of “the decision has been made” and then hung up on me.

Ready, Set, Participate!!  Call Albio Sires and tell him your concerns!! 201-558-0800


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