How to Stretch Your Summer Wardrobe 1 More Week

Get More from Your Summer Wardrobe
Get More from Your Summer Wardrobe

We just hit the “go” button on fall last week, but I’m still pawing through my summer clothes every morning.

Wardrobe-switching for me is a semi-annual “event,” which involves trying on all the clothes I wore last year (many of which no longer fit properly), making difficult decisions about what to keep and what to donate, and LOTS of ironing.  So, I’ve been procrastinating it. On the other hand, my summer wardrobe has definitely been worn into the ground.  If you, like me, are tired of everything in your closet, but not ready to pull out the wintery stuff just yet, here are a few fun ideas for getting the last out of your summer outfits.  And it won’t cost you a dime!!

1. Tie a light summer scarf over a light, buttoned up Cardigan

Scarf over cardigan with white slacks
Fendi Scarf, Anthology Cardigan, Zara Jeans, all second hand. Leather belt from Paris.

The scarf gives you a little more warmth than the t-shirt alone would and let’s you play with a “menswear” look. Alternatively, tie the scarf in a loose bow, a play on vintage chiffon blouses

2. Wear your favorite summer sun dress under a jacket. Belt it!

Zara Jacket, Guess Belt, and Summer Dress, all second hand.  Steve Madden Nude wedges
Zara Jacket, Guess Belt, and Summer Dress, all second hand. Steve Madden Nude wedges

The summer dress looks dressy enough for any office and the jacket warms the outfit up, while the belt keeps you looking slim.

3. Belt a loose chiffon blouses over a pencil skirt

Belted Chiffon Blouse Over Pencil Skirt
Guess Belt, Jessica Simpson Pumps, and Blouse all second hand. Express Pencil skirt. Warby Parker glasses.

This gives you a faux peplum look, in a fresh print. Pair with a pencil skirt for a dressy look or skinny jeans for a more casual style.  Closed toed pumps add a nice edge.

 4. Layer a simple t-shirt under a light jacket and pair with a statement  necklace

Light Summer Jacket over T-Shirt with Two Statement Necklaces
Zara Jacket, second hand. Black Orchid Jeans from Off Fifth (Saks Fifth Avenue sell-out store). Necklaces and Cynthia Rowley t-shirt, gifts.

The statement necklace really jazzes up a tired old basic like your favorite t-shirt and the jacket will keep you warm, especially when layered with a trench for your morning commute.

5. Asymmetrical wrap cardigan over a maxi dress

Take one of those “wrap” cardigans (which no one ever wears wrapped) and drape one side up to to the opposite shoulder.  Secure with a pin (or a fashionable stud earring). Leave the other side hanging long.  This creates a flattering cowl neck, and still gives you an edgy look.  I liked paring this with a maxi dress for a more Autumn-style look.  Slim-cut maxi dress only!



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