Iced Coffee Hack #2: Plan Ahead

Mr. Coffee Drip Coffee Maker
Mr. Coffee Drip Coffee Maker

Summertime = iced coffee.  For those of you who love it, but spend 20 minutes and $4/day getting it from Starbucks, I’m giving you my top iced coffee hacks. This second one requires a little more planning, but is very tasty and will cut down your prep time in the morning before work.


1 Cup of Coarsely Ground Coffee Beans (freshly ground is best!!)


1 Drip Coffee Maker


Use the drip coffee maker to brew coffee on Sunday (before the week starts). Double the coffee grounds (Fair Trade, please!!) – 1 cup of grounds for 8 cups.  I don’t recommend going beyond 8 cups because the coffee filter may overflow and grounds will get in the coffee pot.

When the coffee is done brewing, immediately turn off the coffee pot and pour the coffee into a ceramic or earthenware teapot.  Sweeten to taste. Put the coffee into the refrigerator and allow to chill overnight.

Pour into a travel mug.  Add ice and milk to taste.  I find the coffee will last for up to three mornings.  After that, the flavor starts to deteriorate.

Need a drip coffee maker?  Don’t buy a new one (made in China)!!   Check out the appliance listings on Craigslist (dumping grounds for moving college students) or the domestic section of your local Goodwill or Salvation Army.


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