Finding Socks Made in the US

Fast Back No Show Light Cushion / Lime / W Small
Darn Tough Vermont Running Socks. Made in the USA.


Finding socks made in the USA is impossible.  That was my conclusion last night, staring at the gondola of athletic socks in the footwear section of my local Target.  I know, I know – what did I expect?  I was shopping at “Target”  – palace of cheap chic clothing made in China.

I initially reached for the first pack I saw (6 pairs of socks for $11.29!).  The “made in China” label stared back at me accusingly.  So, remembering this blog and my mission, I pulled my hand back and took a second look. And a third look.  Still nothing made in the USA. I compromised with a couple of packs of Hanes socks at an even cheaper price (6 packs of socks for $5.29!!) because they were made in Mexico.  “How bad could the factories be in Mexico,” I reasoned.  “It’s right next door!  And at least the socks didn’t spend weeks on some boat burning oil to get across the Pacific Ocean to the USA.”  Then I threw a sports bra (made in China – Agh!) into my shopping cart, so I could use my $5 off coupon ($5 off an apparel purchase of $30 or more).  Yes, I have a slight Target coupon addiction.

Basics are a pesky problem if you are looking to life an “ethically sourced” lifestyle.  They are necessary, used regularly, and wear out over time (if the washing machine monster doesn’t eat them first).  In case you’re running low on running socks, don’t make the same mistake I did and wait until you are in the middle of Target to try and find socks made locally. Here are a few alternatives.

  1. $24.94 for a 12-Pack – Socks 4 Life.  Buy it Here.
  2. $8.99 for a 3-Pack – All USA Clothing.  Buy it Here.
  3. $9.00 for a 3-Pack – Only Footprints.  Organic Cotton.  Buy it Here.
  4. $24.00 for a 2-Pack.  zKano.  Organic Cotton. Buy it Here
  5. $12.99 for a 1-Pack – Fox River Socks.  Lightweight socks form to your feet. Buy it Here.
  6. $13.99 for a 1-Pack – Thorlos. Specially engineered to prevent blistersBuy it Here.
  7. $15.99 for a 1-Pack – Darn Tough Vermont.  Cushion to help your feet stay comfy! Buy it Here.

For more socks to choose from, check out my new Pinterest Board “Fair Trade/Made in the USA Workout Gear.”


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